Wholesale Jewelry

A great product for resellers in the secondary market is jewelry.  Whether it is wholesale jewelry or liquidation lots, there is an opportunity to buy bulk quantities at great value.  It is a particularly attractive category because jewelry has a high value to weight/size ratio.  What this means is it is efficient to ship.  There are several marketplaces out there where major retailers do this type of jewelry liquidation.

I would encourage anyone interested in the secondary market and either wholesale jewelry or liquidation jewelry lots to visit these sites and get registered.  You will find some great inventory at great prices if you keep an eye on them over time.

These marketplaces sell a wide variety of other products as well.  Some of the other categories represented include:  furniture, bikes, outdoor, home & garden, home entertainment, and many others.  So, if jewelry is your primary category, you might discover an opportunity to profitably diversify your business into new categories.