Walmart Returns

Walmart returns & excess inventory liquidation auctions


If you are interested in liquidation inventory, you will be pleased to know that the company has operated a liquidation marketplace since 2007 to sell bulk lots of returns and other excess inventory in bulk lots.  Resellers have been able to bid on lots in multiple categories with starting prices of $1 for most of that time.  You will primarily find Walmart returns being sold here.

You will find a wide variety of products on the site from a number of categories.  These include: Apparel, Appliances, Bikes & Ride-ons, Furniture, mixed lots, TV’s and Salvage TV’s.

Products on the site are primarily customer returns to  These can vary quite a bit in terms of the condition of what you will get, so educate yourself before making any huge purchases.  The best approach is to make a few small purchases to get a feel for the products and gradually increase your buying as you become more confident about what you receive. The site is a great resource for resellers and I highly recommend you get registered to bid — it’s free.