Liquidation of Overstock Items and Returns Can Make You Money

If you have developed an interest in selling online, you’ve likely heard at least a bit of a buzz about liquidation items. However, the buzz might not have given you all the details. When you invest in liquidation merchandise, you can realize profits of 25% to 100%, and sometimes more. As an investor, it is definitely worth a thorough look; and if you are trying to get rid of excess stock, as a merchant, you might find liquidation auctioneers are your best friends.

Understanding the different conditions of liquidation items for sale is the key to making the largest profits. As a new seller, you might want to branch out and start reselling used items and returns as well.

New Items

New items are always a treat to get hold of at a good price. However, sometimes new merchandise is expensive when you’re just starting out in the resale business. If you’re going to invest in new items and you don’t have a lot of money to invest, try to stick with name brand items. This will help to insure sales, because most people believe name brand items have value. Once you have expanded your business, you can consider moving into selling unproven items without a brand name, that you think might be good sellers.

Used Items and Returns

Some resellers find it a little scary to invest in used items and returns when shopping online. However, taking a look at the manifest for the lot should tell you what issues might come along with your purchase. For example, if a lot is not tested to see if it’s working, that merchandise might not work at all. However, you will find that most of the time, used items and returns will have remote controls missing, or maybe some surface damage. These items are often in good condition and if you find a company is lying on their manifest about their merchandise quality, they will quickly develop a bad reputation, so most companies don’t do this.