iPhone Liquidation Buying Opportunities

One of the more desirable categories of products to purchase in liquidation lots is cell phones.  And, of course, the most sought after phones are iPhones.  The great thing about phones, and iPhones specifically is that: 1) they have a high value per unit, and 2) there is a lot that can be done to a used phone to add value to it.

If you have the skills to repair used phones you can really do well.  There are so many used devices on the market that buying opportunities are plentiful.  What you want to be careful about, however, is that you always buy at the right price. You do not want to be buying from a middleman who bought from a middleman who bought from the source. Each of these middlemen marks up the price and by the time it reaches you, there is no way for you to make money.

You should always buy directly from the source whenever possible.  The best way for a novice to do this is to register with one of the liquidation marketplaces that specialize in cell phones.  Four of the best examples are in the B-Stock Sourcing Network.  They are located at:





On all of these marketplaces, you have the opportunity to purchase inventory directly from the source.  These are all trade-in program operators for major retailers.